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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Trump and Trade: No Room for Error

Trump and Trade: No Room for Error

If Trump wants fairer trade and U.S. jobs growth, he’ll need a better China strategy.
Are the U.S. and China headed for a trade war? Many analysts and investors think it quite possible. Top Chinese officials have seen fit to underline the mutual harm it would bring. As it is, we are lucky to have a tenuous thaw given then-President-elect Trump's wayward thought experiment on tabling the "one China" policy alongside trade issues.
From here on, there is much less margin for error. President Trump now commands the levers of state power, not just a Twitter megaphone, and he faces growing pressure from domestic supporters for aggressive follow-through on his "America First" agenda. The wrong move could yield dire consequences for both countries, the Asia-Pacific region, and far beyond.

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