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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Little Sisters of the Poor Journey Through Lent video series

of the POOR
As Week 2 of Lent begins, I am pleased to share with you the second video in our Lenten Journey. 
In case you missed my first message, this seven-part video series is based on Pope Francis's theme for Lent: "The Word is a Gift. Other persons are a gift." In each of the short videos, we will unpack aspects of the Holy Father's Lenten theme.
This second video focuses on Lazarus, a character from the parable in St. Luke's Gospel. I will also share with you a story of my own from when I was a young Little Sister living in Paris. 
Please feel free to share this video with family, friends and neighbors.
I will send you the third video next week, as we continue our Journey through Lent.
Wishing you a prayerful and productive Lenten Season.
Sister Constance Veit, LSP
Director of Communications of the Little Sisters of the Poor
For more information, contact St. Jeanne Jugan Communications:
Little Sisters of the Poor, St. Jeanne Jugan Communications, 4200 Harewood Rd. NE, Washington, DC 20017

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