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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Israel Passes “Dissenter Ban” Barring Entry to Boycott Advocates

Israel Passes “Dissenter Ban” Barring Entry to Boycott Advocates

March 8, 2017 |
by Mairav Zonszein
As Donald Trump signed a revised travel ban against nationals of six Muslim countries and many refugees, Israel’s Knesset passed a law that bars giving temporary visas or residency to any non-Israeli citizen who has publicly called for or pledged to participate in a boycott of Israel.
The way the law is worded makes its possible application very broad, including individuals who are affiliated with organizations that support the boycott, and applies not only to those who have called on others to boycott Israel but also those who have pledged to participate in the boycott. The ban also applies to those who call for boycotts of any area “under Israeli control,” language designed specifically to include those who refuse to do business with Israeli settlements in the West Bank but do not boycott Israel or Israeli entities within the ’67 borders. A significant number of prominent American Jewish figures and organizations endorse settlement boycotts.
The law is an amendment to the Prevention of Entry into Israel Law, and draws its definition of what constitutes a boycott from the 2011 Boycott Law.

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