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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Trump’s National Security Advisor: A Troubling Appointment

Trump’s National Security Advisor: A Troubling Appointment

by Emile Nakhleh
President-elect Trump’s appointment of Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn will likely create a Kafkaesque situation that Trump himself will find unmanageable. Questions surrounding the appointment could hamper the president’s plans to pursue his policy initiatives and will cast an unnecessary cloud over the new administration. Because of General Flynn’s attachment to fake news, dangerous preconceptions of Islam and Muslim countries, and cavalier attitude toward the truth and objectivity, he would be a constant headache for the president.
Sitting in the West Wing of the White House right next to the Oval Office would give Flynn unprecedented access to the president and the opportunity to filter out which intelligence the president sees on a daily basis. He will also have the authority to manipulate intelligence judgments with an eye toward reflecting his own ideological leanings regardless of the recommendations of the country’s 17 intelligence agencies.

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