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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

What Now? (Satirical) Advice to Diplomats from an Ex-Ambassador

What Now? (Satirical) Advice to Diplomats from an Ex-Ambassador
Uploaded on December 22, 2016
There is one group, in addition to the pollsters and pundits, that has been completely confounded and disoriented by the recent election: the Washington diplomatic corps. Imagine how they feel knowing they must send back reports to their respective capitals full of insights and analysis of the foreign policy of the Trump administration.
Photo: Penn State School of International Affairs
The diplomats should put down their bottles of antacids and relax. Their job has really become much easier. All they have to do is follow the rules of this new reality.
In the past, Washington has always been a difficult place for foreign emissaries to navigate. That was because policy was made in a marketplace. It was not a marketplace of ideas, but of interests. It was difficult to understand because it was a game anyone could play. Interested parties attempted to wield their influence to secure a result that was favorable to their clients. The side with the best lobbyist won, but the outcome was unpredictable and often contentious.
Now Washington has really become much simpler. Here are the only things that the diplomatic corps needs to keep in mind.

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