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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Ray McGovern talks to RT Intl

Ray McGovern talks to RT Intl

From Ray McGovern

Have we seen this before?  Informed by the same intelligence officials of ill repute who were responsible for the fraudulent evidence concocted to explain the need for war on Iraq, the U.S. is preparing to “retaliate” against Russia for leveraging Donald Trump into the presidency.  The difference this time around is that the deluge of evidence-free, pre-retaliation propaganda has been so effective that those lusting for “retaliation” are getting a totally free pass in virtually all U.S. media.  The government is not required (or even asked) to provide ANY evidence – real or fraudulent – beyond what anonymous CIA officials whisper to tame media stenographers.  Yesterday, Ray discussed media reports of imminent U.S. “retaliation.”

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