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Friday, December 9, 2016

Flynn: End U.S. Support for Israel-Palestine Peace Process

Flynn: End U.S. Support for Israel-Palestine Peace Process

by Eli Clifton
This week, Jim Lobe and I have examined how Donald Trump’s national security adviser-designate, Ret. Gen. Michael T. Flynn, is a bewildering choice for a president-elect to tap for national security strategy and advice. In his book, coauthored with Michael Ledeen, Flynn exhibited a fundamental misunderstanding, coupled with unsubstantiated speculation, about Syria’s nuclear program. And he has drawn criticism for ties to foreign governments, allegedly leaking classified intelligence to Pakistan, and, as I documented on Tuesday, blaming the Islamic Prophet Muhammad and the Quran for why the Middle East “can’t come to grips with modernity.”
A new video, previously unreported but recently reviewed by LobeLog, shows that Flynn wants the U.S. to fundamentally change its position on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, effectively giving both Israel and the Palestinian National Authority permission to abandon the peace process.

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