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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Donald or Hillary: Who should Beijing prefer?
The Donald or Hillary: Who should Beijing prefer?
Trump's promises to impose tariffs on China would not survive the light of day if he gets elected, while Clinton would embrace a more coherent and tougher approach towards China
By Leon Hadar
SEP 13, 2016
IF you've been following the US presidential election from Beijing, and listening to and watching the Republican and Democratic presidential nominees discussing foreign and trade policies, you would be excused for concluding that if he occupies the White House next year, loud-mouth China basher Donald J Trump would be the one who would challenge the status quo in Sino-American relations.
After all, one of the centrepieces in the election campaign of the real estate magnate from New York has been the transformation of China into America's global bogeyman: Through a clever management of their currency policy and other mercantilist measures, Mr Trump has alleged, the Chinese have been pursuing a concrete strategy aimed at stealing Americans jobs and destroying the American economy.

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