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Friday, August 5, 2016

The Weeik with IPS


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Right to Education Still Elusive for Native People in Latin America
Orlando Milesi
Education, the most powerful instrument in the struggle against exclusion and discrimination, is still elusive for indigenous people in Latin America who remain the most disadvantaged segment of the population despite their wide presence in the region. Recognition of the growing need to provide ... MORE > >

Climate-Smart Agriculture for Drought-Stricken Madagascar
Miriam Gathigah
Mirantsoa Faniry Rakotomalala is different from most farmers in the Greater South of Madagascar, who are devastated after losing an estimated 80 percent of their crops during the recent May/June harvesting season to the ongoing drought here, said to be the most severe in 35 years. She lives in ... MORE > >

The Next UN Secretary General Should Be a Woman – and Must Be a Feminist
Winnie Byanyima
The process for arguably the top political job on the planet is well underway.  And the time is right for a woman and a feminist to take the helm. The United Nations (UN) Security Council is continuing its consideration of candidates for the next UN Secretary-General, with the next “straw ... MORE > >

Olympic Games End Decade of Giant Mega-projects in Brazil
Mario Osava
An era of mega-events and mega-projects is coming to a close in Brazil with the Olympic Games to be hosted Aug. 5-21 by Rio de Janeiro. But the country’s taste for massive construction undertakings helped fuel the economic and political crisis that has it in its grip. It is no mere coincidence ... MORE > >

Is Hypocrisy The Silent Strategy of Western Democracy?
Dominique Von Rohr
The official reasons for the US-led, UK-backed invasion of Iraq in 2003 were to disarm Iraq of weapons of mass destruction, end Saddam Hussein’s support of terrorism, and free the Iraqi people. However, immediately after the United States deposed and killed Iraq’s dictator and established a new ... MORE > >

New Alliance to Shore Up Food Security Launched in Africa
Desmond Latham
As over 20 million sub-Saharan Africans face a shortage of food because of drought and development issues, representatives of the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) and the Pan African Parliament (PAP) met in Johannesburg to forge a new parliamentary alliance focusing on food and ... MORE > >

Jihadism: The Radicalisation of Youth
Rose Delaney
To 13-year-old Gauher Aftab, the path to eternal bliss never seemed more enticing than in the pivotal moment a pious man with a flowing beard entered his 9th-grade Islamic studies classroom. For a young influential student like Gauher, the professor's pristine shalwar kameez (a traditional ... MORE > >

Climate and Terrorism
Roberto Savio
The media are increasingly reporting events in a basic manner, and have by and large abandoned the process of deep analysis. Now is the moment to focus our attention on terrorism. This topic be will remain a pressing issue for quite some time. We now know that terrorism has many causes, which can ... MORE > >

Small Win for NGOs as UN Members Try to Exclude Critical Voices
Aruna Dutt
An UN Committee responsible for giving non-government organisations (NGOs) UN accreditation has had one of its decisions overturned by other UN member states as it seems to be restricting NGOs which are perceived to be critical of governments. On Monday 25 July, a larger meeting of the UN ... MORE > >

President of UN General Assembly Continues Push for Openness, Transparency
Lyndal Rowlands
The President of the 70th Session of the UN General Assembly, Mogens Lykketoft, has helped spearhead a push for a more open and transparent selection process for the next UN Secretary-General. IPS spoke with Lykketoft one week after the 15 members of the UN Security Council cast their first ... MORE > >

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