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Friday, June 17, 2016

The Week With IPS 6/17/2016

New Guidelines Aim to Help Migrants Experiencing Crises
Phillip Kaeding
When conflicts or natural disasters occur, migrants are often the “the first hurt and last saved”, Colin Rajah of the Global Coalition on Migration (GCM) said here Wednesday. Rajah was speaking at the launch of a new set of guidelines which have been developed to address the problems migrants ... MORE > >

Building Africa's Energy Grid Can Be Green, Smart and Affordable
Friday Phiri
It’s just after two p.m. on a sunny Saturday and 51-year-old Moses Kasoka is seated outside the grass-thatched hut which serves both as his kitchen and bedroom. Physically challenged since birth, Kasoka has but one option for survival—begging. But he thinks life would have been different had he ... MORE > >

The 50 Essential Products That Could Help People With Disabilities
Lyndal Rowlands
Wheelchairs, hearing aids, white canes and braille typewriters are just some of the products that help people with disabilities to participate fully in everyday life. Yet for many people with disabilities in developing countries many of the most useful products are simply beyond reach. To ... MORE > >

Western Nations, Blaming Cash Crunch, Pull out of UNIDO
Thalif Deen
The 134-member Group of 77, the largest single coalition of developing countries, has expressed serious concern over the “unprecedented” withdrawal of nine member states from the Vienna-based UN Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO). The nine – all members of the European Union (EU) ... MORE > >

Soil Degradation Threatens Nutrition in Latin America
Orlando Milesi and Marianela Jarroud
Curbing soil degradation is essential for ecological sustainability and food security in Latin America and the Caribbean. “Everyone knows how important water is, but not everyone understands that soil is not just what we walk on, it’s what provides us with food, fiber and building materials, and ... MORE > >

Drought Dries Up Money from Honey
Busani Bafana
“It is everything” is how smallholder farmer Nyovane Ndlovu describes beekeeping, which has long been an alternative sweet source of income for drought-beaten farmers in Zimbabwe. A drought worsened by the El Nino phenomenon - which has now eased - led to a write-off of crops in many parts of ... MORE > >

Governments Slow to Respond to Elder Abuse
Toby Porter
Although instances of elder abuse are widespread around the world, many government responses have been inadequate. Although there is evidence that elder abuse is a global problem, many governments fail to even collect data on the problem. In 2014, a World Health Organization (WHO), UN Office ... MORE > >

Seeds for Supper as Drought Intensifies in South Madagascar
Miriam Gathigah
Havasoa Philomene did not have any maize when the harvesting season kicked off at the end of May since like many in the Greater South of Madagascar, she had already boiled and eaten all her seeds due to the ongoing drought. Here, thousands of children are living on wild cactus fruits in spite of ... MORE > >

World’s Nuclear Arsenal Declines But Multi-Billion Dollar Modernization Continues
Thalif Deen
The world’s nuclear arsenal continues to decline – from 15,850 warheads in early 2015 to 15,395 in 2016, according to the latest figures released Monday by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI). Still, the more distressing news is that none of the nine nuclear ... MORE > >

AIDS Meeting Was Bold but Disappointing, Organisations Say
Tharanga Yakupitiyage
Though the High Level Meeting on Ending AIDS ended with the adoption of bold and life saving targets, many organisations have expressed their disappointment in its outcomes. During the meeting, the international community adopted a new Political Declaration that lays down the groundwork to ... MORE > >

Bougainville Women Turn Around Lives of ‘Lost Generation’
Catherine Wilson
Finding a sense of identity and purpose, as well as employment are some of the challenges facing youths in post-conflict Bougainville, an autonomous region in eastern Papua New Guinea in the southwest Pacific Islands. They have been labelled the ‘lost generation’ due to their risk of being ... MORE > >

Antibiotic Resistance Requires Global Response Similar to AIDS, Climate Change
Lyndal Rowlands
Addressing antibiotic resistance will require a global political response similar to the way the world has reacted to climate change or HIV / AIDS, Sweden’s Minister of Public Health Gabriel Wikstrom, told IPS recently. “(These problems) began with a small group of experts discussing and ... MORE > >

Youth Leaders Push for More Progressive Action to End HIV AIDS
Aruna Dutt
Young people are disproportionately affected by HIV, yet their concerns about sexual education, and discrimination of key populations were ignored at the UN General Assembly High Level Meeting on ending AIDS. Although the overall number of AIDS-related deaths is down 35 percent since 2005, ... MORE > >

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