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Friday, June 10, 2016

Russia’s Prospective Niche on the Asian Security Market

Russia’s Prospective Niche on the Asian Security Market

Russia has finally hit on a security agenda of interest to its Asian partners. Buoyed by its success in Syria, Moscow is presenting itself as a standard-bearer in the war on Islamic terrorism and a source of cutting-edge practices for ASEAN countries that are facing this problem. The Syrian campaign is also helping to promote Russian military technology on Asian markets. Despite its pivot to the East, Moscow had long been unable to formulate a regional security policy that would appeal to its Asian partners and explain why Russia should be more involved in the region. Nothing reflected this more clearly than the speeches Russian officials delivered at the Singapore Shangri La Dialogue, the Asian counterpart to the Munich Security Conference.
Russia is represented at this high-profile forum by Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov, whose speeches in the last two years have elicited at best confusion, and at worst cutting ridicule. In his 2014 address, which came soon after the Euromaidan revolution in Ukraine, Antonov said that the biggest threat that Asia Pacific faces comes from Western-sponsored color revolutions and the resurgence of Nazism in Eastern Europe.

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