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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Netanyahu agonistes

Netanyahu agonistes

Middle East
on June 20, 2016
“You’ve lost your mind for some reason and you need to be replaced” — Former Israeli PM Barak on current PM Netanyahu
Benjamin Netanyahu’s days are numbered. There is near unanimity among people that matter from the hawkish right to the left that Benjamin Netanyahu remaining Prime Minister is the biggest national security  threat to the state of Israel. For the first time there will be recognition by all PM wannabees that egos must be put aside toward the goal of removing Netanyahu. They will use draconian language to emphasize the threat Netanyahu and the “settlers” pose to the Zionist enterprise and terrify the Israeli center.
And while they may sound like the neocons here warning the country about Trump and Fascism, unlike the neocons in America the people issuing the warnings in Israel are not viewed as if they have their own agenda and shouldn’t be trusted. The Israeli Jewish public won’t be able to ignore the many former close allies of Netanyahu who now insist that one more term of Netanyahu is the real existential threat to Israel.
Why is all this happening now? A big part of the answer is that the whole Murdering Medic story (the execution by an Israeli sergeant of a prone Palestinian in occupied Hebron March 24, and the subsequent broad support for the racial murder inside Israeli politics) made clear to a group of  very important people in Israel that if there is no “intervention” the dark forces being unleashed by Netanyahu will consume the country and imperil its future.

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