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Monday, June 6, 2016

How Bernie Sanders missed his chance to beat Hillary Clinton - The Washington Post

How Bernie Sanders missed his chance to beat Hillary Clinton - The Washington Post

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Michele Kearney said...

Today the Washington Post ran the equivalent of its obituary for Bernie Sanders even well before the California primary which is tomorrow. According to the Post, by the time Sanders showed up in Oakland, California (where I went to college) he had effectively lost his chance to be President. "Even an unexpectedly lopsided win in Tuesday's California primary would almost certainly not be enough to stop the front runner Hillary from clinching the nomination.

The Post writes
"For all that Sanders has achieved - turning a protest movement into a viable run, gaining mainstream acceptance for his democratic socialist views, pioneering a new way to dund campaigns and pushing his adopted Democratic Part to the left on trade (never mind Pat Buchanan was anti Nafta from the get go) Wall Street and other issues - his campaign for president is also a stormy of might - have - beens."

Its one thing to write this story today; and another to write it on Wednesday. Yes I supported Bernie Sanders - I'd like to see the insurance industry out of the medical claims handling business - but that goes back to my litigation days (I worked on a huge insurance coverage case for asbestos claims for five years) And I agree with the need to bring back Glass Steagall and impose curbs on Wall Street. And never in a million years would I vote again for corruption a la Clinton.Looks to me like God is going to let America simmer in its own corrupt juices.

Was I worried about him being a socialist? WE already have socialism in this country. Consider TVA, Bonneville, Highway Transportation System, Wall Street Bailout; Detroit Bailout the military industrial complex - and the list goes on. So no I wasn't worried about the use of that term - and then there is always the checks and balances of the Congress and the Supreme Court safeguards. Time for a fresh face of someone outside the establishment. I do hope Bernie wins California tomorrow - country needs a wake up call. and believe it or not, some old time religion

So there you have it - the latest in political commentary from Snuffysmith.