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Friday, June 24, 2016

Britain shocks world: breaks with European Union, British leader steps down

Britain shocks world: breaks with European Union, British leader steps down

Scottish leader vows to seek second independence referendum

Pound takes a beating, markets in tailspin after British vote to exit E.U.

British exit from the E.U. sets up a European crisis of diminished power

These countries could be next now that Britain has left the E.U.

As Britain decided its future, striking parallels with U.S. political debates emerged

From MIT Tech Review:  
Brexit Brings Uncertainty for Global Science and Tech
The United Kingdom has voted to exit the EU. In the wake of the result, David Cameron has announced that he plans to step down as Prime Minister. Astonishingly, Google points out that there was a 250 percent surge in people searching for "what happens if we leave the EU" overnight—which was, perhaps, a little late. What happens next is difficult to predict—and that’s currently reflected in the financial markets. Overnight the pound suffered its biggest one-day fall in history, while the FTSE 250 dropped by 11.4 percent and gold prices climbed—a sure sign there’s panic in the markets. Ahead of the vote, 83 percent of scientists claimed to be against Brexit, fearing that its impact on funding and collaborative research could prove disastrous. Leaving the Union will also mean that the UK isn’t directly involved with Europe-wide technological and scientific initiatives, such as those to create a digital single market and protect the climate. Until now, the UK has punched above its weight in science and technological development—today, we might all lose out as a result of its choice to leave the EU.

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