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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Brexit Seen From Berlin

Brexit Seen From Berlin

U.S. history holds a lesson for Europe: Integration moves in waves.
By , June 23, 2016 |
Regardless of the outcome of the Brexit vote, tensions leading up to the stay-or-leave vote strongly make one fact of life indisputable: All of Europe – and not merely the UK – has reached an integration singularity.
What I mean by that is that a large slice of the political class in a rising number of EU countries has concluded that deeper economic and especially political integration offer no further welfare gains, at least not for the median voter.
Unfortunately, in the public space and the media, this plausible assessment is cast in a different light — that the EU itself has outlived its usefulness and is of no further benefit, or even detracts from welfare.
Critics of the EU certainly have a point, and the UK certainly does not have a monopoly on such critics. The European Union is cumbersome and ungovernable, and the behemoth grows larger with each new accession.

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