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Friday, June 24, 2016

After Brexit: “Very Well, Alone”

After Brexit: “Very Well, Alone”

by Robert E. Hunter
At first blush, there are two big international winners from the British Brexit vote: Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.

The former gains from the intense energy of reaction to uncontrolled immigration, assuming that that was a major factor in the British 52-48 vote to leave the European Union.  By happenstance – if you believe that – Mr. Trump was in Scotland when the results were announced, ostensibly visiting his golf courses.  He was quick to say how much he approved of what the British people had done. Of course, standing on Scottish soil, he was in the home of the enemy.  Not only did every electoral district in Scotland vote “Remain,” but Scotland’s First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, promptly said that another Scottish referendum on independence is “highly likely” and that she sees Scotland’s future as with the European Union.
Trump, who is not the stupidest politician-performer to come down the pike, recognizes that discontent in the United Kingdom, especially among the middle class, is similar to the rising in the United States, a fact that also largely explains the otherwise weird popularly of a gray-haired socialist, Bernie Sanders, who sounds similar themes though at the other end of the political spectrum.  Hillary Clinton, with her wonkish approach to politics, which was much on display in her major economic lecture in Raleigh, North Carolina, this week – that’s right, “lecture,” not “speech” – may have the right analysis, answers, and approach to getting things done, but she rarely touches either the heart or the gut.  “Governor Stevenson,” a woman said to the Democratic presidential candidate in 1956, “all thinking people support you.”  “Madam,” he replied, “unfortunately I need a majority.”

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