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Monday, May 9, 2016

The Islamic State: Dangerous Like a Wounded Beast

The Islamic State: Dangerous Like a Wounded Beast
John McLaughlin | May 6, 2016
There’s a sliver of good news about the Islamic State. That may come as a surprise, given its recent killing sprees in Brussels and Paris, and its claimed attacks in California. Yet, the anti-IS coalition has finally begun to dent the group’s capabilities, including its territory, resources and recruits. 

I’ve consistently argued that the IS is strong, growing and poses a greater threat than al-Qaida ever did in at least five ways, from the size of its coffers to its social media savvy. It’s fair to say that in some areas, the IS is starting to hurt; in others, its menace is not much reduced. And we must be clear: The brutal, would-be caliphate is far from defeated, and there’s no question that it can still cause enormous harm, exploit the continuing turmoil in Iraq and Syria, and strike targets in the region and beyond.

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