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Friday, May 27, 2016

Teh Week With IPS

   2016/5/27 Click here for the online version of this IPS newsletter   

New International Accord to Tackle Illegal Fishing
Lyndal Rowlands
A new international accord to tackle illegal and under-reported fishing will come into force on June 5. Under the Port States Measures Agreement (PSMA) governments will be required to inspect foreign fishing vessels that dock in their ports. “The vessels themselves have the obligation to ... MORE > >

Malawi's Drought Leaves Millions High and Dry
Charity Chimungu Phiri
It’s Saturday, market day at the popular Bvumbwe market in Thyolo district. About 40 kilometers away in Chiradzulu district, a vegetable vendor and mother of five, Esnart Nthawa, 35, has woken up at three a.m. to prepare for the journey to the market. The day before, she went about her village ... MORE > >

Traditional Mexican Recipes Fight the Good Fight
Emilio Godoy
In a clay pot, Araceli Márquez mixes tiny Mexican freshwater fish known as charales with herbs and a sauce made of chili peppers, green tomatoes and prickly pear cactus fruit, preparing a dish called mixmole. “I learned how to cook by asking people and experimenting,” the 55-year-old divorced ... MORE > >

UNFPA Funding Cuts Threaten Women's Health in Poorer Nations
Thalif Deen
The UN Population Fund (UNFPA), which has played a key role in ensuring maternal health and promoting reproductive rights of millions of women world-wide, is expected to suffer over 0 million in funding cuts by Western donors this year. Arthur Erken, Director of the Division of ... MORE > >

The Humanitarian Clock Is Ticking, The Powerful Feign Deafness
Baher Kamal
The humanitarian clock is now ticking away faster than ever, with over 130 million of the world’s most vulnerable people in dire need of assistance. But the most powerful, richest countries—those who have largely contributed to manufacturing it and can therefore stop it, continue to pretend not ... MORE > >

New and Old Vaccines Still Out of Reach for Many
Lyndal Rowlands
While long-awaited new vaccines for malaria and dengue may finally be within reach, many of the world’s existing vaccines have remained unreachable for many of the people who need them most. The recent outbreak of yellow fever in Angola shows how deadly infectious diseases can return when ... MORE > >

Humanitarian Summit, The Big Fiasco
Baher Kamal
The World Humanitarian Summit (WHS) held in Istanbul on May 23-24, managed to send a strong wake-up call to the world about the unprecedented human suffering now in course, but failed to achieve the objective of attracting the massive funds needed to alleviate the humanitarian drama, as none of the ... MORE > >

Water Security Critical for World Fastest-Growing Economy
an IPS Correspondent
Lack of water management and limited access to data risk hindering Myanmar’s economic growth, making water security a top priority of the new government. Climate change and increased urbanisation, along with earthquakes, cyclones, periodic flooding and major drought, require an urgent ... MORE > >

Economic Interests Harming Global Health: WHO Chief
Lyndal Rowlands
Putting economic interests over public health is leading the world towards three slow-motion health disasters, Margaret Chan, Director-General of the World Health Organization’s warned the world’s health ministers on Monday. Changes in the world's climate, the failure of more and more ... MORE > >

Natural Capital Investment Key to Africa’s Development
Busani Bafana
Plugging Africa’s funding gaps to accelerate social and economic development requires a fresh approach to using its natural capital, environment experts said on Monday. It is time Africa invested billions of dollars - part of the 50 billion dollars lost through illicit financial flows - in ... MORE > >

Prickly Pears Drive Local Development in Northern Argentina
Fabiana Frayssinet
Family farmers in the northern Argentine province of Chaco are gaining a new appreciation of the common prickly pear cactus, which is now driving a new kind of local development. Hundreds of jars of homemade jam are stacked in the civil society association “Siempre Unidos Minifundios de ... MORE > >

Is it in Europe's Interest to Push Russia into China's Arms?
Roberto Savio
No mention in the media of the dangerous increase in the tension between Europe and Russia and yet Nato has just made operational in Romania a missile system, the ABM, which the United States has declared will protect it from “rogue” states, like Iran. Roberto SavioRussia, especially after ... MORE > >

Bangladesh's Urban Slums Swell with Climate Migrants
Rafiqul Islam
Abdul Aziz, 35, arrived in the capital Dhaka in 2006 after losing all his belongings to the mighty Meghna River. Once, he and his family had lived happily in the village of Dokkhin Rajapur in Bhola, a coastal district of Bangladesh. Aziz had a beautiful house and large amount of arable land. But ... MORE > >

Species Loss, the Migration Hiding in Plain Sight
Monique Barbut
Two months ago, I was in Agadez, a city in the middle of the famous Ténéré Desert of Niger. Agadez has become a major transit point on a hazardous journey for the hundreds and thousands of desperate people from all over West Africa trying to make it to the Mediterranean coast every year. ... MORE > >

Will Canada Recognise Rights of Indigenous Peoples in Developing Countries Too?
Aruna Dutt
While Canada’s long-awaited support for the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples brought hope and celebration last week, it's not yet clear whether the rights of Indigenous people in developing countries harmed by Canadian mining companies will also be included. The Special ... MORE > >

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