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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

IPS News Update: Odd Situation in the "Paradise" of Press Freedom

Odd Situation in the "Paradise” of Press Freedom
Milla Sundström
A strange situation has emerged in Finland where some people feel that the press freedom is currently jeopardised. The small Nordic country is a press freedom celebrity leading the index kept by Reporters Without Borders since 2009 and hosting the UNESCO World Press Freedom Day on May 3. The ... MORE > >

Free Press a Casualty of Pakistan's Terror War
Ashfaq Yusufzai
Pakistan’s Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) is widely viewed as one of the world's most dangerous places to be a journalist, with at least 14 killed since 2005 and a dozen of those cases still unsolved, according to local and international groups. “The situation is extremely bad," ... MORE > >

Grilled for a Retweet: Press Freedom in Kenya
Miriam Gathigah
In early January, Judith Akolo, a journalist with the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation, found herself in unfamiliar territory when she was summoned and grilled by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations for retweeting a Twitter message. The original tweet had been posted on Dec. 31, 2015, ... MORE > >

Media Freedom in Africa Remains Under Attack
Zubair Sayed
Imagine a world without the media, where we have no verified information about what’s going on around us. Where everything is hearsay and gossip, where there are no trusted sources of information. It would be hard to operate in a world like that: to make decisions about what to do about the things ... MORE > >

Violence Against Women Journalists Threatens Media Freedom
Tharanga Yakupitiyage
For women journalists, violence and intimidation don't just happen in conflict zones, they are every day experiences. “You don’t even have to be in a conflict zone to be violated anymore,” New York Times reporter and author of the Taliban Shuffle Kim Barker said Wednesday at the launch of a ... MORE > >

How We Can Keep Press Freedom from Withering Away?
Farhana Haque Rahman, Director General, Inter Press Service
Media freedoms appear increasingly under siege around the world, with concerning signs that achieving middle-income status is no guarantee for an independent political watchdog in the form of the press. Farhana Haque Rahman The news is constant and disheartening. The death this week of ... MORE > >

Times of Violence and Resistance for Latin American Journalists
Daniela Pastrana
Mexico is the most dangerous country in Latin America for journalists. In 2015 it accounted for one-third of all murders of reporters in the region, and four more journalists have been added to the list so far this year. The latest, Francisco Pacheco Beltrán, was shot dead outside his home in ... MORE > >

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