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Friday, May 26, 2017

The Week With IPS May 26, 2017

   2017/5/26 Click here for the online version of this IPS newsletter   

In a “World of Plenty,” G7 Must Fight Famine
Tharanga Yakupitiyage
World leaders must step up and take action in fighting famine to prevent further catastrophic levels of hunger and deaths, said Oxfam. Ahead of the 43rd G7 summit, Oxfam urged world leaders to urgently address the issue of famine, currently affecting four countries at unprecedented levels. ... MORE > >

Africa - More than Just Conflicts, Corruption, Disasters
IPS World Desk
Natural and man-made disasters, armed conflicts, widespread corruption and deep social inequalities have been so far a dramatic source for most news coverage when it comes to Africa, the world's second-largest and second-most-populous continent on Earth, which hosts 54 states spreading over 30 ... MORE > >

Q&A: “It’s a Crime” that 35 Million Latin Americans Still Suffer from Hunger
Orlando Milesi
The fight against hunger has been “remarkably successful” in Latin America and the Caribbean, but “it is a crime” that 35 million people still go to bed hungry every day, FAO regional representative Julio Berdegué told IPS. Berdegué, who is also assistant director-general of FAO (United Nations ... MORE > >

Nutrition Key to Developing Africa’s “Grey Matter Infrastructure”
Friday Phiri
Developing Africa’s ‘grey matter infrastructure’ through multi-sector investments in nutrition has been identified as a game changer for Africa’s sustainable development. Experts here at the 2017 African Development Bank’s Annual Meetings say investing in physical infrastructure alone cannot ... MORE > >

Gateway Portals and the Quest for Sustainable Urbanization
Joan Erakit
On a busy Friday afternoon, the number 1 subway train heading north through Manhattan’s Westside comes out of a dark tunnel --and if one takes a minute to release oneself from communication devices—one can catch sight of the approaching 125th street in the distance, the crosswalk buzzing with ... MORE > >

Survivors of the El Mozote Massacre Have New Hopes for Justice in El Salvador
Edgardo Ayala
Except for a house with its walls riddled with holes made by bursts of machine gun fire, nobody would say that the quiet Salvadoran village of El Mozote was the scene of one of the worst massacres in Latin America, just 35 years ago. “Many of us who live here are descendants of those who managed ... MORE > >

World to Cut Emissions With or Without Trump
Zofeen Ebrahim
In a last-ditch effort, Germany and China are trying to influence the United States not to walk away from the Paris climate change accord it signed along with 194 nations. In December 2015, nearly every country committed to take action to reduce planet-warming emissions.3 "We are trying to ... MORE > >

Unique Sandbar Coastal Ecosystem in Cuba Calls for Climate Solutions
Ivet González
A battered bridge connects the centre of Baracoa, Cuba´s oldest city, with a singular dark-sand sandbar, known as Tibaracón, that forms on one of the banks of the Macaguaní River where it flows into the Caribbean Sea in northeastern Cuba. Just 13 wooden houses with lightweight roofs shield the ... MORE > >

Agony of Mother Earth (II) World’s Forests Depleted for Fuel
Baher Kamal
Humankind is the biggest ever predator of natural resources. Just take the case of forests, the real lungs of Mother Earth, and learn that every 60 seconds humans cut down 15 hectares of trees primarily for food or energy production. And that as much as 45,000 hectares of rainforest are cleared for ... MORE > >

Agony of Mother Earth (I) The Unstoppable Destruction of Forests
Baher Kamal
The world’s forests are being degraded and lost at a staggering rate of 3.3 million hectares per year. While their steady destruction in many Asian countries continues apace, deforestation of the world's largest tropical forest - the Amazon - increased 29 per cent from last year’s numbers. And some ... MORE > >

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