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Thursday, April 27, 2017

ANS UWC Utility Working Conference and Vendor Technology Expo

The Nuclear Option – Clean, Safe, Reliable & Affordable
Aug 6-9, 2017 | Amelia Island, FL
Valuable and Timely Plenaries
The Case for Nuclear
Choice of asset usage to generate electricity is influenced by the abundance of natural gas, environmental impacts, government subsidies, and deregulation. High-level professionals share insights on the complex energy industry and the role nuclear power should play.
Implementing the Nuclear Promise, Challenges and Successes
Economic conditions of recent years forced nuclear plant closures. The initiative launched in 2016 to make nuclear power competitive in the marketplace generated the publishing of many new efficiency bulletins. Industry leaders impart their views on the challenges and successes in implementing the Nuclear Promise.
Back to the Future—Building the Next Generation of Technology and Nuclear Professionals
The current fleet of nuclear plants was built in the 70s and 80s, and the professionals operating and maintaining these plants are approaching or within retirement age. It is imperative that the next workforce generation absorb current knowledge from their predecessors and take the lead in new plant design. This session addresses knowledge transfer challenges, along with opportunities to ensure our industry continues to thrive.
Inspiring Speakers
Brad Adams
VP, Southern Nuclear
Danny Bost
CNO, Southern Nuclear
Gary Cokins
Founder & CEO, Analytics-Based Performance Management LLC
Stan Gibson
Executive VP, Wells Fargo
Hash Hashemian
President & CEO, Analysis and Measurement Services Corp.
Steve Kuczynski
President, Southern Nuclear
Kim Maza
Senior VP, INPO
Rick Perry
U.S. Secretary of Energy
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