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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Survey: US Vital Interests Vis-à-Vis Russia

Survey: US Vital Interests Vis-à-Vis Russia

February 15, 2017
RM experts
Every new U.S. president assumes office with a firm intention to pursue polices based on national interests, but not every one of them publicly formulates what exactly these interests are. We have asked a handful of top experts on Russia three related questions: (a) What are America's top five vital national interests; (b) which of them can Russia significantly impact by acting either as a constructive partner or as a spoiler; and (c) what steps should Washington take in this context to maximally advance these interests?
Managing Partner, Kissinger Associates; Senior Fellow, Jackson Institute for Global Affairs, Yale University; Senior Director for Russia on the NSC staff in the George W. Bush Administration

Thomas Graham

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