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Friday, February 17, 2017

Game On East vs. West, again By Andrew Cockburn

Game On

East vs. West, again

If you want to have big platform military spending — big platforms being aircraft carriers, new missile systems, F35s, giant artillery and similar hugely expensive weapons systems — you need a big platform enemy. That leaves nobody but the Russkies.
Thus, what we’re seeing in the media. As I know you guys know, McMansions in Virginia and other DC suburbs have already been purchased and lavishly remodeled on the expectation of MIC contracts that are now jeopardized by Trump’s accession.
But some of your readers don’t seem to fully get it. ‘Game On East vs. West, again‘ by Andrew Cockburn is the definitive piece that I’ve seen on the forces pushing for Cold War 2.0 — who, what, why, when and where — even though it’s from HARPERS Jan 2015 issue.

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