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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Turkey's Russian Pivot and American Dream

Turkey's Russian Pivot and American Dream

By W. Robert Pearson | Scholar - The Middle East Institute Jan 10, 2017

The current Syrian ceasefire effort of Russia and Turkey is a Russian attempt to impose a final political defeat on the rebels and a Turkish attempt to focus on eliminating the Kurds in Syria militarily and politically. Turkey is also intensely lobbying the new U.S. administration for help. The ceasefire deal rests on the barbarism of Russia and the Assad regime and the feckless response of the West. This is the peace Rome imposed on the prostrate Carthage. The unanimous UNSC vote endorsing the Russian/Turkish proposal enshrines one side’s brutality and the other’s moral vacuum. But Turkey needs to seriously reengage with the United States on a genuine sharing of interests if it wants long-term security in the region. America needs to do more to accord Turkey the influence it deserves in the region.

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