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Friday, January 6, 2017

The week with IPS1/6/2017

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Lessons from the Demise of the TPP
Jomo Kwame Sundaram and Anis Chowdhury
President-elect Donald Trump has promised that he will take the US out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) on the first day of his presidency. The TPP may now be dead, thanks to Trump and opposition by all major US presidential candidates. With its imminent demise almost certain, it ... MORE > >

Poor Darwin – Robots, Not Nature, Now Make the Selection
Baher Kamal
When British naturalist Charles Darwin published in 1859 his theory of evolution in his work On the Origin of Species, he most likely did not expect that robots, not nature, would someday be in charge of the selection process. In his On the Origin of Species, (more completely: On the Origin ... MORE > >

Ban Ki-moon’s Mixed Legacy as UN Secretary-General
Lyndal Rowlands
Ban Ki-moon ended his ten years as UN Secretary-General at midnight on New Year’s Eve with his last official duty - dropping the ball at New York’s Times Square. “I'll be in Times Square for the ball drop. Millions of people will watch me lose my job.” Ban wrote beforehand on Twitter, ... MORE > >

PKSF and IPS to Partner on Communicating for Positive Change
Mahfuzur Rahman
The Palli Karma Sayahak Foundation (PKSF), a public sector apex development body in Bangladesh, and Inter Press Service (IPS), the international news agency focused on development issues, have teamed up to raise public awareness globally about PKSF’s best practices and provide vital information to ... MORE > >

Anti-Fracking Movement Alarmed at Trump’s Focus on Fossil Fuels
Emilio Godoy
Earl Hatley, a descendant of the Cherokee/Delaware tribe, has witnessed the consequences of using hydraulic fracturing or “fracking” on his native land to produce shale gas. “Fracking is harmful to water supplies, wildlife, and property values. It has caused earthquakes where there were none. ... MORE > >

New UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres Takes Office
Andy Hazel
Antonio Guterres of Portugal officially took up his position as ninth Secretary-General of the United Nations Tuesday morning, beginning his duties by addressing UN staff in New York. Guterres emphasised the urgency of addressing the plight of refugees and displaced populations, calling out ... MORE > >

2017 -- A Thunderous Clash of Politics, Economies and Policies
Martin Khor
Yet another new year has dawned. But 2017 will be a year like no other. There will be a thunderous clash of policies, economies and politics worldwide. We will therefore be on a roller-coaster ride, and we should prepare for it and not only be spectators on the side-lines in danger of being ... MORE > >

No More Mass Deaths from Drought in Northeast Brazil
Mario Osava
The drought that has plagued Brazil’s semiarid Northeast region since 2012 is already more severe than the 1979-1983 drought, the longest in the 20th century. But prolonged dry spells no longer cause the tragedies of the past. There are no widespread deaths from hunger or thirst or mass exodus ... MORE > >

Battle Lines Drawn Over Indian Mega Mine
Stephen de Tarczynski
Among those leading the fight against the massive Indian-owned Carmichael coal project in Australia’s Queensland state is 21-year-old Murrawah Johnson of the Wangan and Jagalingou aboriginal people, the traditional owners of the land where the proposed mine is to be located. “Our people are the ... MORE > >

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