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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Interceding for the Gift of the Holy Spirit

Day 9: Interceding for the Gift of the Holy Spirit
“Gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.” - G.K. Chesterton
It is easy to take things for granted, but every once in a while something bordering on the miraculous happens, and we gain a new perspective on the giftedness of our life. 

For us Daughters of Saint Paul, these past nine days have bordered on the miraculous because they have revealed the goodness of God alive and active in you: in your generous prayers, your appreciation of our consecrated lives and mission, in all the ways you express your support for us and our mission. 

We are humbled and deeply grateful for all your support and for your generosity in donating to our webathon, which has raised $54,000 for our new generator. 

This last day of the novena, we pray for a deeper outpouring of the Holy Spirit on all who have have participated in the webathon through prayer, messages, and financial support. As Sr. Mary Leonora mentioned in her letter on Tuesday, our Founder Blessed James Alberione considered everyone who collaborated in our mission a part of our Pauline Family, sharing in the merits and rewards of our consecrated lives as apostles. Thank you for sharing our life and mission.

We look forward to continuing our collaboration with you, and we will continue to pray for you and all of your special intentions, especially that the Holy Spirit may be ever more present and active in your lives.

God bless,
Sr. Joan Paul Arruda, FSP
Superior of the Community of Boston
This lovely painting of Mary, Queen of Apostles, is by one of our own sisters, Sr. Laura McGowan. It depicts the 3rd Glorious Mystery of the Rosary, when the Holy Spirit descended upon Mary and the Apostles at Pentecost. 

We Daughters of Saint Paul have a special devotion to Mary as Queen of Apostles. Mary is the very first apostle because she is the first to bring Jesus to the world—beginning with St. Elizabeth at the Visitation. Our Founder, Blessed James Alberione, was often spare in his use of words, writing tersely about the spiritual life. But when he described Mary as our Queen of Apostles, he frequently became eloquent. 

“When the dying Jesus told John, ‘Behold your mother,’ he said so because from that moment began a new and most important ministry of Mary: to be the spiritual mother of all human beings. She assembled the Apostles in the cenacle and prepared them to receive the Holy Spirit. Not only that, Mary was their teacher while they were waiting for the Holy Spirit… Mary looks after the Church, after all men and women, according to her heart, which is patterned on the merciful heart of Jesus.” 

As our Mother and Queen, Mary’s sole desire is to bring us closer to her Son, and she is always praying for us. In this last day of the novena, we ask her to continue to accompany us, to help us listen to and receive a fuller outpouring of the Holy Spirit. And let us remember to turn to her first, whenever we encounter a new difficulty or knot in our lives.
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