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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

FAS Weekly Roundup

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Hans M. Kristensen, FAS Director of the Nuclear Information Project, was featured prominently on 60 Minutes' main program: The New Cold War. WATCH HERE.

From the Blogs

New START Data Shows Russian Warhead Increase
by Hans M. Kristensen, FAS Director of the Nuclear Information Project

The U.S. State Department recently published START treaty data that indicates Russia is increasing its deployed nuclear warheads amid a decrease in strategic launchers. 
Full post.

Secrecy News
by Steven Aftergood, FAS Director of the Project on Government Secrecy

Interdiction and Deep Operations
A revised Pentagon publication addresses the prevention of adversaries from employing surface-level weapons and reinforcements, and a new U.S. Army doctrine discusses preventing employment of "uncommitted enemy forces." 
Full post.

Conflict in South Sudan
The United Nations has classified only four global conflicts as level three humanitarian emergencies — the highest level — and the conflict in South Sudan is one of them. 
Full post.

A New Intelligence Award for "Reporting Wrongdoing"
A newly established award looks to acknowledge those speaking "truth to power." 
Full post.

In the News

Fact Checker Clinton, Kaine go too far in touting a nuclear deal with Russia

FAS Director of the Nuclear Information Project, Hans M. Kristensen, is featured in The Washington Post's analysis of the Democratic candidates for President and Vice-President's discussion of a Russian nuclear deal. Full story.

Affiliate News

The Texas A&M Student Chapter of the Institute of Nuclear Material Management (INMM), in conjunction with the Southwest Chapter of INMM, is offering a Mentor Program to its members. It is planned that nuclear engineering or policy students are placed in contact with professionals in the nuclear security & safeguards fields. We are requesting volunteers who are willing to offer their services as a mentor to a student.

A mentor's responsibilities will include answering questions about their career and other aspects of their experience and job. This could be done via email or via telephone and would consist of a workload of approximately several hours per month. This Mentor Program represents an effort by the nuclear security & safeguards community to enhance the early development of the next generation of professionals and leaders in these fields.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please contact:

Steven Horowitz, Texas A&M INMM Chapter President

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