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Thursday, October 13, 2016

America Needs Fatima


    Timing is everything, isn’t it?
    I mean, if God wanted to prove by a miracle that He holds the power of life and death in His Hands – in a way that all the world could see – He would have to do it at just the right moment in human history – right?
    It would have to happen after the invention of the camera. That way the doubtful would have physical, visual evidence that the miracle took place.
    BUT – it would have to occur before the invention of the computer, so no one could say that computer graphics were used to make it “look like” a miracle.
    That perfect timing occurred exactly 99 years ago today – October 13, 1917.
    And what a miracle!
    After speaking with Our Lady for a few moments, Lucia cried,"Look at the sun!"  
    At that point, the clouds parted, revealing the sun as an immense silver disk shining with an intensity never before seen – though not blinding.
    This lasted only an instant. Then the immense disk began to "dance."
    Like a gigantic circle of fire, it scattered red flames across the sky.
    After performing this bizarre pattern three times, the globe of fire seemed to tremble, shake, and then plunge in a zigzag toward the terrified crowd……
    What am amazing, raw display of Divine Power!
    Our Lady told the seers that Our Lord was “already much offended.”
    What kept Him from “dropping the ball” of fire on the world at that very moment?
    Michele, I think you and I know the answer—
    It was Our Most Holy Mother and her maternal intercession.
    And she had a plan for us. A message of Hope.
    She wanted to give the human race something to do when all our human efforts fail, as they have done time and time again.
    Now that the 100-Year Anniversary of this spectacular event is only one short year away, I think we all need to get ready for something big to happen.
    Since Our Lady asked us to pray the Rosary, maybe you could start to do that every day for the next year, as a way to prepare your heart for the great Fatima Centennial.
    Actually, in just two days, on October the 15th, America Needs Fatima will be doing just that at over 15,000 public places all across the country.
    Perhaps you will be going to one of these?
    Either way, there is no time like now to get ready for the Fatima Centennial.
    Remember – timing is everything!
I remain your friend,
In Jesus and Mary,
Robert E. Ritchie
Robert E. Ritchie
America Needs Fatima
PS: If praying the whole rosary feels a bit overwhelming, I encourage you to begin with a single decade. It will please your Blessed Mother, and every journey must begin with a single step!
PPS: Read about the most widely-witnessed Miracle in human history, and you will see that our God truly is an Awesome God!

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