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Friday, July 15, 2016

The Week with IPS

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The Global South’s Untold Human Rights Legacy
Aruna Dutt
While human rights are often viewed as a Western creation, pushed against the will of developing countries, the origins of the international human rights system may prove otherwise, according to a forum held at the the International Peace Institute (IPI) here Wednesday. “There are many, many ... MORE > >

Civil Society Organizations Worried About Declining Involvement
Phillip Kaeding
Less than a year after the adoption of the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), non-government organizations (NGOs) are concerned about declining possibilities for participation, both at the UN and in national politics. Worldwide, there are estimated to be more than 10 million ... MORE > >

IPS Interview with Bernadette Lahai On the Pan African Parliament Food and Nutrition Security Agenda
Rose Delaney
IPS: In what ways has the Pan African Parliament (PAP) ensured that partners are upholding their commitments following the Parliamentary meeting held during the International Conference on Nutrition (ICN2) organized by FAO and the World Health Organization? Bernadette Lahai Dr.Lahai: PAP, as ... MORE > >

Fighting Violence Against Children as a Global Problem
Lyndal Rowlands
One billion children experienced physical, sexual or psychological violence in the last year, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), prompting the launch of a new global partnership to tackle the problem here Tuesday. “Millions of children … are today fighting ... MORE > >

Large-Scale Rainwater Harvesting Eases Scarcity in Kenya
Justus Wanzala
Rainwater harvesting in Kenya and other places is hardly new. But in this water-stressed country, where two-thirds of the land is arid or semiarid, the quest for a lasting solution to water scarcity has driven useful innovations in this age-old practice. The African Water Bank (AWB), an ... MORE > >

Global Coalition Seeks Ban on Mercury Use
Thalif Deen
A coalition of over 25 international non-governmental organizations (NGOs) has launched a global campaign to end a longstanding health and environmental hazard: the use of mercury in dentistry. Spearheading the campaign is the Washington-based World Alliance for Mercury-Free Dentistry, which ... MORE > >

Latin American Development Depends On Investing In Teenage Girls
Estrella Gutiérrez
Latin America’s teenage girls are a crucial force for change and for promoting sustainable development, if the region invests in their rights and the correction of unequal opportunities, according to Luiza Carvalho, the regional head of UN Women. “An empowered adolescent will know her rights and ... MORE > >

Human Security a Must in a Chaotic, Confused World - Japan
Baher Kamal
The question is simple and the answer, short: does eating more mean being better nourished?... Not Necessarily! On this, top United Nations agencies dealing with food and health have set a clear definition: food security implies access by all people at all times to the food needed for a ... MORE > >

Talking Openly - The Way to Prevent Teenage Pregnancy
Fabiana Frayssinet
In plain and simple language, an Argentine video aimed at teenagers explains how to get sexual pleasure while being careful. Its freedom from taboos is very necessary in Latin American countries where one in five girls becomes a mother by the time she is 19 years old. “For good sex to happen, ... MORE > >

International Is out and National Is Again Back
Roberto Savio
A sign of the time is that Germany is raising a revolt against the President of the European Commission, Jeam-Claude Juncker, whom Chancellor Angela Merkel imposed in 2014 after a strong fight with David Cameron, then a powerful British PM. The group of Visograd, , formed by Poland, Hungary, ... MORE > >

Malagasy Children Bear Brunt of Severe Drought
Miriam Gathigah
Voahevetse Fotetse can easily pass for a three-year-old even though he is six and a pupil at Ankilimafaitsy Primary School in Ambovombe district, Androy region, one of the most severely affected by the ongoing drought in the South of Madagascar. “Fotetse is just like many of the pupils here who, ... MORE > >

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