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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The death cult of environmentalism

The death cult of environmentalism

That's right! Greenpeace as a death cult. Writer Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry says, "Environmentalism sometimes has a little bit of a whiff of a death cult. It sometimes leans towards an anti-human worldview, one that views the Earth goddess as the only valuable "life-form" and humans as parasites. And it sometimes feels like more of a fundamentalist religion than anything else."

While the article focuses primarily on GMO rice, there's a considerable part (near the end) concerning nuclear energy, where the author says, "Another famous example is nuclear power, which has almost no carbon emissions, is very cheap to run, and works fine. Opposition to nuclear power seems mostly motivated by superstition."

It is a brief article, but well worth the minute or two to read it.

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