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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Abe’s Yasukuni visit isolates Japan

This note -- which may have appeared so far only in English -- was penned by the scholarly former Japanese ambassador to the Netherlands and grandson of Shigenori Togo, who served as ambassador to both Nazi Germany and the USSR just prior to World War II, as foreign minister at the outset and end of the war, and finally as the wartime Minister for Greater East Asia.  Togo was sentenced to twenty years in prison for war crimes and died in prison in 1950. See

Abe’s Yasukuni visit isolates Japan

Author: Kazuhiko Togo, Kyoto Sangyo University
To those who are general supporters of Abe’s economic, political and foreign policy initiatives, including myself, his visit to Yasukuni on 26 December was a bombshell of disappointment and helplessness.

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